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Inside or out, large fields or small, there’s a SportsGrass® product designed to provide maximum performance where and how you need it. And with its extreme durability, drainability, and more, it holds up under the unique challenges of the Pacific Northwest.

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As an athletic director or field manager, you know how frustrating it can be for everyone involved when a game has to be cancelled because the field is too wet—something we're all too familiar with here in the Seattle area. SportsGrass synthetic turf erases those challenges and provides a safe, stable surface that's ready to play on.

High-Quality Materials

The enhanced construction, durability, and safety of SportsGrass provides superior playing performance for years to come. SportsGrass products’ unmatched quality components and construction are revealed over time when you see how well our fields look and play down the line. The natural grass look and feel, enhanced stability, and reduced need for infill are just the beginning.

Unique, Customized Solutions

In addition to offering specific products tailored to different sports applications, we also custom-produce every single field. We’ll work with you to design the surface that fits your exact needs—and budget. That includes everything from inlaid lines and specialty designs to grass tufting and height, infill types, antimicrobial and antistatic options, underlayment padding, and more.

Enhanced Field Performance

The unmatched quality of SportsGrass ensures your synthetic turf field will still perform great after years of play—and your SportsGrass team will be right there on the sidelines to make sure. We have local teams around the country whose partnership with you is just beginning when the final roll of artificial turf is placed. And we back our product with an 8-year warranty.

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SportsGrass comes in six varieties. While we list the six varieties and some of the distinctions here, we strongly encourage anyone thinking of undertaking an athletic field project to contact us. Let us support you throughout your process, including training your maintenance staff.


SportsGrass Revolution

SportsGrass Revolution is an all-weather sports field with unparalleled construction featuring tall, dense multi-colored blades to mimic natural grass.


SportsGrass Max

SportsGrass Max is as close to natural grass in appearance as anything else on the market today. Max is densely constructed to use minimal infill.


SportsGrass Edge XP

SportsGrass Edge XP is similar to SportsGrass Max but with shorter pile for applications such as baseball fields.


SportsGrass Edge XPL

SportsGrass Edge XPL is similar to SportsGrass Edge XL but with increased pile height for to make a great football product. Nothing wears like Edge.


SportsGrass Edge XPS

SportsGrass Edge XPS is a slightly shorter version geared toward baseball fields, indoor facilities, and more.


SportsGrass Rush

SportsGrass Rush is an economical choice best suited for open fields.


SportsGrass Rush XP

SportsGrass Rush XP is perfect for open field and play applications.


SportsGrass Arena

SportsGrass Arena is a turf constructed of short durable blades designed for indoor fields and facilities.


SportsGrass Trainer

SportsGrass Trainer is a short dense product to be used in training gyms. Soft enough to get down on the ground and work out on. Includes our patented antimicrobial protection.


SportsGrass Drive

SportsGrass Drive is a short, dense product designed for driving sleds, pulling weights, and other heavy indoor use. Ultra durable nylon.

High-Quality Artificial Turf for Any Sport

  • Baseball: Our durable outdoor artificial turf feels natural under the feet and enables players to run full speed ahead and slide the distance. Superior drainage reduces the chances your game will be rained out.
  • Football: Hours of rough play won’t soften our artificial turf. Material consistency ensures players have traction, speed, and balance, while shock resistance helps lower the risk of ligament injuries and concussions.
  • Soccer: Lower extremity injuries are common, but artificial turf for soccer is more forgiving, yielding a playing field that even improves ball performance. It also allows players to engage in more precise movements.
  • Lacrosse: Lacrosse puts heavy demands on turf, given the speed of players. Our field turf cuts down on infill fly-out, so bounce shots and bounce passes are more predictable.
  • Field Hockey: Outdoor faux grass has been used in field hockey for decades. It improves performance and safety even during the most aggressive plays.
  • Tennis: Sharp colors, durability, and weather resistance improve the quality of the game and performance of players, who also enjoy consistent comfort on an artificial grass tennis court.
  • Golf: Sports turf has been developed for all golf applications and skill levels, including putting greens for everything from residential backyards to driving ranges and professional golf courses.
  • Multipurpose: If you’re looking for an artificial turf field to accommodate a variety of sports, our artificial sports turf fits the bill. It can withstand rigorous use and take any game to the next level.
SportsGrass synthetic turf football field
SportsGrass synthetic turf soccer field
Sterling Bay Soccer Field in Chicago featuring SportsGrass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn
sports complex field house with SportsGrass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn

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