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ForeverLawn Landscape

Our synthetic grass provides functional, low-maintenance curb appeal.

Finding a surfacing solution for your home or business that looks appealing and natural, functions well, and offers lasting durability may seem impossible. ForeverLawn Landscape synthetic turf is designed to do all three—plus much more.

Our turf provides a high-end, natural-looking solution that will continue to be beautiful and functional for years to come—with minimal upkeep!


ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass

ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is the perfect product to wow your neighbors. Unlike other types of synthetic grass, ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass looks and feels real, and will leave your neighbors wondering how you keep your lawn in pristine condition. Ideal for both commercial and residential purposes, this artificial grass will deliver functional usability to your outdoor spaces while reducing maintenance needs and costs.



Select VR

Select VR holds a rich color scheme, featuring a bright green face yarn with thatch. Its dense construction gives the product an incredibly realistic appearance and feel. The taller construction performs best in moderate traffic landscape areas.

dupont select lx patch

Select LX

Select LX is the first artificial turf product in history to integrate tan into artificial grass. Select LX features a darker green face yarn with a tan thatch. This grass is also designed for moderate traffic landscape areas.

dupont select hd patch

Select HD

Select HD is similar in appearance to Select VR but with a lighter weight and shorter pile height. This gives it very high resiliency and the ability to withstand moderate to high traffic landscape conditions.

dupont select el patch

Select EL

Select EL, in comparison to other products in the Select line, has a more visible tan thatch due to shorter green blades. The shorter blades and dense construction of Select EL are specifically designed to limit infill requirements. The construction makes Select EL ideal for moderate to high traffic.


After years of research and development, ForeverLawn is proud to introduce a revolutionary product to the synthetic grass market. ForeverLawn Fusion contains our proprietary new Legacy Fiber™ yarn offering an unmatched combination of durability and realism. With a uniquely high level of resistance to heat, Fusion is the solution to prevent damaged grass caused by light-reflective issues from low-E windows and other heat sources.

A groundbreaking advancement, Fusion is the perfect mix of appearance and performance to provide a synthetic grass unlike any other.


Fusion Elite

Fusion Elite surpasses standard artificial grass products in overcoming the effects of reflective heat, while providing superior durability and realism. For projects where low-E windows reflect heat from the sun, such as on rooftops, near glass buildings, and around newer homes and offices, Fusion Elite is the superior choice in both residential and commercial applications.


Fusion Pro

Fusion Pro combines the strength and heat resistance of the Legacy Fiber yarn with a shorter, more dense construction. This design gives Fusion Pro the resiliency to perform better in high traffic areas, while maintaining its healthy and vibrant appearance. Fusion Pro is ideal for wedding lawns, event centers, in front of stores, and other active venues.


Installed with zero infill, this artificial grass is ideal for applications where freedom of movement is a priority, such as in retirement homes or other places where wheelchair access is important. It features a clean, fresh-cut appearance.



Endura is a single-colored, nylon product that offers the same level of heat resistance as Fusion at an economical price. This thin, tall-bladed artificial grass is the ideal product for low-traffic areas where heat resistance is needed.


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